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Dr. Melissa's Blog!

Be sure to check out my blog by clicking on this link: Dr. Melissa's Blogfor interesting research based posts as well as simple suggestions on children, teens, young adults, parenting, school related concerns, parenting and family life.

I am always looking for articles that I feel will be of interest to my readers.  A friend of mine sent me this article on attachment and developing a healthy bond with your baby.  It was written by Chris Thomas of the KinderCare education team. Copy and paste this link to your browser or click here:

Over the next few weeks, look for musings on a variety of topics related to parenting and the parent/child relationship. Below is a sampling of future articles.

  1. Just because you can doesn't mean you should: How overindulging your children can be bad for their mental health
  2. Bookends: The importance of creating and maintaining structure, rituals and consistency in your child's day
  3. "Back Off!" : Reducing dependency and building self-efficacy and resiliency in our children
  4. "I hate you! You are the worst mommy ever!": What your child's words and behavior are telling you and how to use narration to calm the storm and improve your relationship
  5. "Why does my child behave perfectly everywhere else but home?"  Dealing with a challenging child
  6. The perfect storm: Three factors that influence the nature of the child/parent system and what you can do to improve your relationship with your child
  7. "Because I said so": Your parenting style and how it may affect your child's development
  8. "We're a mismatch": Temperament and its role in parent/child conflicts
  9. Passing on perfection: Why being a "good enough" parent is better than perfect
  10. Quit blaming your child and take a look in the mirror: Five things you might be doing to reinforce your child's "bad" behavior

I hope you'll visit often. Please feel free to reply, subscribe and pass on articles to your friends and family. If you have any suggestions for future topics, please let me know.

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